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Pets in communities of owners

One of the most common problems in homeowners' communities is the presence of pets and domestic animals.

Although many people enjoy the company of pets, whether they are dogs, cats, birds or exotic animals, their presence in the common areas can often cause nuisance to other owners and to the furnishings.

If the statutes of the community allow pets, their presence should be regulated according to the Horizontal Property Law. Properly drafted bylaws by the administration are essential to solve any situation.

If a pet causes a nuisance or is unhealthy or dangerous for the neighbours, this can be the cause of arguments or even altercations. It is therefore essential that pet owners are aware and try to minimise the nuisance caused.

Simple acts such as immediately picking up excrement, ensuring that animals do not walk alone in communal areas or use them as a spillway or playroom, or ensuring that dogs are muzzled are very effective in these cases.

As for the noise that dogs, cats or some birds may cause, it is worth remembering that excessive noise, regardless of its origin, constitutes an administrative offence, and the owner must put an immediate stop to it or face prosecution in court.

Other small gestures, such as using the lifts when there are no other neighbours who may be bothered by the animals or always keeping pets clean will always help to improve coexistence.

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