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The importance of lift maintenance

The Horizontal Property Law regulates the use of the lift in condominium buildings. According to this law, the use of the lift is a common service and, therefore, its use must be shared among all the owners of the building and must be equitable and fair for all the owners. It is very important to keep up to date the maintenance of the lift in the community of neighbours, in order to avoid problems with the lift. This is important, as the law also states that the use of the lift must be safe. This means that the building must comply with all safety standards and technical requirements necessary to ensure the safety of the lift users. In addition, the building must have a proper maintenance system in place to ensure that the lift is in good condition and works properly.

The maintenance of lifts in residents' associations is important to ensure the safety and proper functioning of the equipment. Here are some points that neighbours can take into account to ensure that the lift is in good condition: Carry out regular checks to detect and correct problems in good time. Maintain the cleanliness and organisation of the lift car and compartments. Immediately report any problems or incidents to the maintenance company. Regularly review and update maintenance records and technical inspections. It is important to follow the safety recommendations and regulations to ensure the proper functioning of the lift and the safety of the users. It is essential to be clear about the correct use of the lift and to respect them so that problems do not occur.

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