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Can I invite my friends to the community pool if I live in a rented apartment?

To find out if your community allows third parties to be invited to the communal areas, you should consult the Statutes of the internal regime of the Community of Owners, a document that sets out the rules of the community and that can be requested from the owner of the property, the president or the administrator of the property.

  • When consulting the Statutes, tenants may find themselves in three different situations:

The Community does not have any rules in this regard: if nothing related to this issue appears in the Statutes, you can invite your friends to enjoy the swimming pool. However, these people must always respect the use of the facilities and the rules of the community pool, without hindering other owners.

  • The Community prohibits the entry of outsiders: if the Statutes stipulate that the entry of outsiders is prohibited, then you will not be able to invite your friends to the pool, although if you have friends visiting your home, you can always speak to the President to ask if he can make an exception.

  • The Community has a maximum number of invitations per dwelling: an intermediate option that is usually applied to avoid the capacity of the communal areas being much higher than it should be. In this case, tenants can invite a maximum number of people to the pool, so you can share it with a couple of colleagues.

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