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Important information about ocas


Does it mean that projects before 2002 must pass OCAS since their origin (1985 or 1976) must conform to that regulation? It should be every 10 years except for tourist projects, garages, which should be 5 years. Here you have to go to installations, CFO, modifications (reformed annex for quality visa).


Individual meters in complex residential use of factual use and have higher consumption than the original 1.5kw or 1.7 kw to 5.75kw? Problem comes when PGO is not collected the change of use. Use apt residential with change of use and since 16/11/2016 have to review electrical installations in residential building legalization of housing.


Electrical installations in Industry is not legalized, 108 kw from the year 1985 applies RT 1973 We need a minimum electrification 3 kw which is the minimum law as now oblige 5,575 kw as there are more electrical devices. For example, now there are ceramic hobs, washing machines and air conditioners, whereas before there were gas cookers, washing machines in laundries and there were no air conditioners.

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