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Is it mandatory to adapt buildings to the new energy efficiency and thermal insulation requirements?

In accordance with the provisions of the Horizontal Property Law, the communities of owners, with charge to their funds, are obliged to carry out the adequate maintenance and conservation of the building, and so much so that art. 10. 1 of the aforementioned regulations establishes that "The works and works necessary for the adequate maintenance and compliance with the duty of conservation of the building and its common services and installations, including, in any case, those necessary to satisfy the basic requirements of safety, habitability and universal accessibility, as well as the conditions of ornamentation and any others derived from the imposition, by the Administration, of the legal duty of conservation", will be obligatory and will not even require the agreement of the meeting. In accordance with the above, any owner could demand that the building owner's association carry out the relevant repairs if, for example, the building were affected by damp or leaks, even if they did not directly affect the owner's home. And if the community refuses or ignores this, legal action would be available, in which their claims would most likely be upheld.

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