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  • Saying that we are going on holiday to as few people as possible. We know that we like to show off our chosen destination, but sometimes that leads us to tell the wrong people more than we should.

  • Before going on holiday, make sure that the alarm is switched on and that the window bars and locks are in good condition.

  • No keys hidden under the doormat or anything like that.

  • Ask someone you trust, a neighbour or friend, to pick up your mail. It is obvious that if burglars see a letterbox full of letters and advertising, they will know that the house is empty.

  • The blinds should be left halfway down.

  • Ask someone you trust to go round the house from time to time while you are away, to move the shutters and check that everything is in order.

  • One piece of advice that we almost never take into account is not to put our home address on the luggage labels and, if we do, make sure it is not easily visible, as there are many snoopers at airports who slyly observe these indications, take note of the address and come to the house to steal.

  • If you have a safe, keep your most valuable items in it.

  • Lastly, the National Police always advise us to make a detailed list of valuables, jewellery, audiovisual equipment, computers, etc. With their serial number and/or inscriptions to facilitate their identification in case they are recovered after a robbery.

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